Trieste School of Research Data Science

5-16 August, 2019 ICTP, Trieste, Italy

Background and purpose

The goal of this workshop is to train researchers in Research Data Science (RDS). RDS refers to the principles and practice of Open Science and research data management and curation, the use of a range of data platforms and infrastructures, large scale analysis, statistics, visualization and modelling techniques, software development and data annotation. These are important tools for extracting useful information from data and these tools are useful in every research area.

A 10-day workshop, organized by CODATA, RDA and ICTP, was conducted at the ICTP, Trieste to introduce participants to the skills of RDS.

Materials for the 2019 School of Research Data Science in Trieste

Some of the material in this curriculum was derived and adapted from work that is Copyright © Software Carpentry made available under the Creative Commons Attribution license.