CODATA-RDA Research Data Science Summer Schools Requirements of hosts


Hosts are required to provide a venue for the School, keeping in mind that a good venue is crucial to establishing a positive learning environment. Some things to consider include:



Equipment and Materials


In case some of these cannot be provided for, make sure to state that clearly on the website.

Administrative support

Social Media

Financial Support

Local Instruction


The following milestones and timetable are a guide to the delivery of the school.

Milestone 1: 10-12 months before event - set exact dates

Milestone 2: 8 months before event - organise instructors (regional and international)

Milestone 3: 6 months before event - set up application web page and advertise

Milestone 4: 14 weeks before event - Deadline for applications

Milestone 5: 10 weeks before event - Deadline for processing applicants and sending out invitations

Milestone 6: 8 weeks before event - Book accommodation, catering etc.